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My friend tried zelle because bofa (her bank) said it was the only way to send money. She was paying me back for something so i thought it would be perfect.

I got the email saying it was sent then when i tried to accept it, first it said my bank debit card was a credit card. Then i tried another one and it said the address on file didnt match the one listed. Which of course it did. After 2 attempts it locked me out.

So i called customer service, the guy didnt even tell me how to unlock it, he just said to tell my friend to cancel the money. I told her and she tried and was told by zelle that it couldnt be done. So i called again and asked how to get my account unlocked. He never did offer to unlock it, he just told me they dont have a partnership with my bank so i cant accept the money.

I asked what happened to it, he said its in hold unless i go buy a prepaid card and out it on there, but they will hold it on there for 3 days as a new client, or my friend can send another $300 to releaae the original $300. In what way does that make sense?! So my friend would be out $600, and I'd have no way of getting it. The zelle people must be laughing their bums off bc of the scam theyre pulling on innocent people.

Her original money now wont be released for 14 days according to zelles rules. By far the WORST COMPANY EVER!! People talk about payday loans being bad. At least theyre up front.

Zelle was supposed to be reputable, but its all a huge scam!! Dont use it!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clearxchange Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Absolutely.....this app completely sucks. The UI is horrible.

The help is horrible. You can't even change accounts if you want to. My checking account is in my name and my wife's name and they also needed her on the phone to perform any action.

I was like this is BS. I could have changed my voice (which I should have just to have a little fun) and they would have been ok...thanks.


Delle is awful i can't receive my money because I'm locked out for 30 days because I updated my email address. I'm pist!!!


Send money with Zelle sucks...dont use it..


Tried to receive $1,000 using TD Bank / Zelle. Both of us are TD Bank customers.

Zelle SUCKS. Took three business days and the funds went back to the remitter eventhough his screenshots show my exact information.

Had him send a check. Zelle is worthless.


Couldn't even set up account was locked out immediately and received the verification codes more than 15 mins later


Clearxchange did not require routing and account number AND debit card. Zelle does requires all three.

I don’t use a debit card. I feel duped. Zelle kept saying clearxchange was merging with zelle and to deactivate clearxchange to become a Zelle member. Zelle did not say they required a debit card in addition to all my banking information.

Clearxchange only required banking info NOT a debit too. Now I’ve deactivated the clearxchange to register for Zelle and can not register for Zelle. I feel tricked into deactivating clearxchange because it’s Zelle’s way of getting more financial information from a person. Clearxchange didn’t want your debit card too.

Why does Zelle then require a debit card. I didn’t order a debit card for this particular checking account because I don’t need one. I only need clearxchange and Zelle for this one account with no debit card. DO NOT DEACTIVATE your clearxchange account for Zelle if you don’t want to give them additional information they want from you.

Why would they need an unused debit card associated with my checking account. All I wanted was money deposited into my checking account. That’s it.

Zelle doesn’t need my debit card to do that. Once you deactivate from Clearxchange you CANNOT go back to a clearxchange account; they try to force you into a zelle account at that point.


After a long time on the Indian Call Center they finally came though

there were so many complaints , apparently, complaints against , Clear Exchange

they changed their name to Zelle.

Their emails are cryptic. I have emails from Zelle saying I had to cancel my Clear Exch profile .

Then that the y were changing over on December 8th 2017.

Then , week went by , no payment .

Finally I had to re-register with Clear Exch

and got an email that Zelle still had not taken over ! Ten days later ?

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